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Quick off the Mark Trademarks Has Released Tips on How to Avoid Falling for a Trademark Scam


Maleny, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- Trademarks are an important facet of any business or creative endeavor; however, the trademark process can be confusing at times. This confusion can be multiplied when individuals are preyed upon by scammers. Australian business Quick off the Mark Trademarks has released tips on how individuals can avoid falling for a trademark scam. The comprehensive information contains descriptions about the different scammers who can swindle hundreds or thousands out of unsuspecting trademark seekers.

Trademark scams often involve letters sent to an unsuspecting individual or company. There are several letters used in elaborate trademark scams. One such letter states that payment is required for a trademark registration in a different jurisdiction. However, trademark registration does not require any payment, unless you wish to register your trademark there, but you still do not have to pay their inflated fees. Individuals who receive these letters should ignore them, and do not, under any circumstances, forward a payment for a trademark filing.

Another letter trademark scam victims often receive is an infringement letter. These letters claim the individual has infringed on another company or person’s trademark. They will ask for a payment as penalty for the “violation.” Recipients of these letters need to know that these letters are false, and do not require payment. Upon receiving such a letter, contact a professional trademark advisor to verify its legitimacy.

The final form of trademark scams are letters asking individuals about trademark registration, but are registered in another country. These letters will demand payment for a trademark; however, payment is not needed for trademark registration in these countries, unless (a) you wish to trade there, and (b) if you do, it can be done for you from Australia in most cases, and you DO NOT have to pay their fee.

Receiving a trademark letter that looks legitimate can cause individuals to spend their hard-earned money on scams. Quick Off the Mark Trademarks is ready to counsel others on how to avoid being a victim of these fake letters. They advise people to seek a professional trademark advisor to help manage a trademark issue and trademark search. Trademark seekers should also make sure that they are not going to send money in response to any letters, without verifying correspondence comes from IP Australia.

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