Traders Discover Lightspeed Trading's Extensive Capabilities Through Recent Webinar


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2017 -- Lightspeed Trading, LLC is an online broker which provides low-cost stock trading for professional and active traders. The brokerage firm frequently hosts webinars with the aim of reaching out to customers -- both current and future – and share their trading expertise. The sessions also assist in spreading awareness of their flagship trading platform, Lightspeed Trader and its numerous capabilities. As part of this initiative, Lightspeed Trading's latest webinar discussed how Lightspeed Trading is different than the traditional online brokerage.

In this webinar, Lightspeed Trading emphasized the speed and stability of their platform. The world of stock trading operates at blistering speeds, and professional traders require software that can match that pace. Our proprietary routing technology allows orders to be sent to numerous trading venues for quick execution. Even when the market experiences high volatility, users can rely on the platform's consistent performance. They also expounded on the cost-effectiveness of their service, as well as the ability to take advantage of liquidity and extensive depth of book data, among other benefits.

"At Lightspeed Trading, we strive to help traders achieve their goals," said Thomas Gibb, Co-President. "and we will continue to give active traders and professionals the tools they need to trade at their greatest potential."

Lightspeed Trading will continue to host live webinars that are helpful to active traders. They also have an archive of recorded webinars that address all aspects of stock and options trading. To access these webinars and learn more about Lightspeed Trading's trading system for daytraders, visit

About Lightspeed Trading, LLC
A subsidiary of Professional Trading Solutions, Inc - Lightspeed Trading, LLC, is a FINRA and NFA member and a fully disclosed introducing broker-dealer based in New York City and Chicago. The Company offers securities and direct access brokerage, trading and advanced order routing services to their clients utilizing Lightspeed's software. Lightspeed Institutional is a division of Lightspeed Trading, LLC.

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