Traderush Kicks off Their Annual Campaign with Offer of a Free Live Trading Webinar

Investors realize extreme profits when using the tools offered through Traderush


Cadiz, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- TradeRush kicks off their annual campaign to introduce investors to the excitement of trading binary options and, to launch this campaign in a big way, will be offering free live trading webinars to investors interested in learning more about their investment options. Founded in 2011 on the idea that knowledge is power, TradeRush strives to bring 60 second binary options to investors across the globe with the help of their online trading community. "Investors learn how to obtain maximum returns, with some investors finding they can make up to 500% in a single session, through the help of the complete trading video set, free binary trading guide, webinars and other resources available through TradeRush," Michael Peterss of TradeRush explains.

Investors find making use of the TradeRush user interface easy as one only needs to decide if the selected asset will rise or fall within a given expiry period. Doing so, the investor has the ability to make up to 81%, and expiry periods range anywhere from 60 seconds to six months. "Thanks to the fast learning curve and easy to use interface, investors quickly see they can make money while still taking control of their investments. Investors love binary options as they are rapid, flexible, and simple, and any investor not making use of this vehicle should definitely take the time to learn more about binary options and whether they are the right investment vehicle for their needs," Peterss declares.

In addition to the free trading webinar, TradeRush offers a video library as they wish to ensure traders have the tools needed when participating in binary options trading. The exclusive video academy found at the TradeRush website benefits traders of every skill level and offers information on everything from the fundamentals of trading binary options to step-by-step instructions on trade execution. "Investors find, with the help of TradeRush's exclusive video library, their trading skills improve, and they begin to see higher returns. Only members receive access to these videos so sign up for an account today. Once you do so, contact your account manager so he or she can share with you how the advanced tools and strategies covered in the videos will help you profit from your investments in a short period of time," Peterss states.

About TradeRush
The fastest growing binary options platform on the Internet, TradeRush offers consumers 81 percent maximum returns on 60 second options. Thanks to the user friendly interface, excellent customer support and fast learning curve, traders find TradeRush offers the best Internet trading experience. Traders making use of the digital options platform receive access to stocks, currencies, indices and commodities which they can trade via binary options. Overall, TradeRush offers more than 100 different assets which may be traded using two-way European options.