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Traffic Attorney of Gloucester County, NJ Weighs in on New Texting While Driving Law


Voorhees, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- On July 1st, 2014, New Jersey effectively issued an amended motor vehicles law that targets the use of electronic communications, specifically cell phones. According to traffic attorney of Gloucester County, NJ, Charles Block, the amended law prohibits the use of hand-held devices in a motor vehicle even while stopped at a traffic signal. Police departments throughout New Jersey will be strongly enforcing this law and encouraging motorists to abide by it.

Charles Block, who has represented victims of traffic law in Gloucester, NJ, is becoming more familiar with this law, since being amended in the beginning of July. According to Attorney Block, the newly-amended law outlines increased penalties and law enforcement officials will be handing out fines and penalties which may include motor vehicle penalty points and a loss of driving privileges.

The first offense will carry a $200 fine, with a second offense carrying a $400 fine. If someone is charged three or more times, he or she will be fined as much as $600 and the Court will determine if the motorist will have to forfeit his or her right to operate a vehicle for a period lasting no longer than 90 days. In addition, if a person is convicted of a third or subsequent violation, he or she shall be given three motor vehicle penalty points.

Like many traffic attorneys, Charles Block understands that texting while driving, or operating any electronic device while driving, is a serious concern for the safety of everyone in the vehicle. New Jersey law enforcement officers will be actively looking for drivers who are texting while driving, in an effort to keep communities safer.

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