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Traffic Lawyer, Charles Block, Examines Traffic Fatality Numbers in United States


Voorhees, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a study that says 21,667 individuals in passenger motor vehicles were killed in an accident in the United States. This statistic averages out to 1,800 people per month and approximately 60 people per day. 60 families have had their lives affected by a car crash. This is a number that traffic lawyer of Gloucester County, New Jersey, Charles Block, believes is too high.

As a New Jersey traffic lawyer, Charles Block deals with families affected by car accidents resulting from traffic violations. According to Attorney Block, seat belts can help the statistic go down, but they will not eliminate the entire problem. 9,679 people of the 21,667 killed in a car accident were discovered as to be restrained by a seat belt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that the use of seat belts had increased 2% from the previous year, moving up to 86% of passengers wearing them. However, the age group that was most affected from not wearing a seatbelt was the age group of 14-21 years old. The study suggests that seat belt use is increasing, while deaths to those not using them are decreasing. According to Attorney Block, there are multiple reasons for the high number of fatalities including DUI and distracted drivers. The financial and personal impact of these deaths on friends and family members cannot be overstated.

Individuals who have been involved in any motor vehicle accident, or who have been affected by other traffic violations, can contact the traffic ticket lawyer Burlington County for professional legal representation. Like other legal experts, Attorney Block is committed to providing guidance for those who need it most.

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