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Traffic Saga Allows Site Owners to Watch Their Visitors in Real Time

Traffic Saga has recently announced a technology that allows website owners to track what visitors are doing on their site.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- A useful website has recently popped up – it is Traffic Saga is a mouse tracking site. Through a technique called “mouse tracking,” site owners will be able to watch and analyze every move their visitor’s make while browsing through the website. The technology will allow site owners to act like a spy, which will help them gather critical data. By using this technology, it is likely that businesses analyze their visitors’ behavior and optimize their websites accordingly to increase sales.

Mouse Movement Heat Maps

Mouse Movement HeatMaps will allow the individual to uncover their users’ hidden patterns in order to maximize conversations.

Optimize Conversion Funnels

By using the technology offered by Traffic Saga, individuals will be able to see what their visitors are clicking on. They will also be able to see exactly when and where each visitor decided to leave their site.

Monitor Visitors in Real Time

One of the best features of this technology would be the fact that users will be able to monitor their visitors in real time. Individuals using this technology will be able to see exactly what the visitor is doing on their site in real time. Being able to monitor visitors on their site in real time is exactly what many entrepreneurs wish they could do and now, with the help of Traffic Saga, they can do just that.

In order to use this technology, Traffic Saga charges a monthly price. They have basic, standard, plus, pro and premium. The basic plan which is priced at $9.00 per month, allows you record 1 website, and has the basic features such as playback visitor sessions, page analysis, click heatmaps, movement heatmaps, link analytics and viewport maps. The premium package is priced at $99, and allows you to record up to 20 websites. The premium package has everything the basic package has plus support session-dependent pages, HTTPS/SSL Supported, download recordings, live stream, multiple account users and API access. While the premium package, might be beyond the budget of smaller website owners, many users report that it has paid for itself by allowing them to greatly increase their websites’ revenue.

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Traffic Saga has developed a technology that will help users track visitors on their site in real time.

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