Joe Bragg Connects Los Angeles Drivers with Expert Legal Counsel


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- The right traffic lawyer can change someone’s life. A single traffic ticket can cost a driver thousands of dollars in fines, penalties, and license points. If the ticket occurs while operating a work vehicle, drivers may lose their jobs or face other serious consequences. Today, with law enforcement officials escalating enforcement campaigns across the Los Angeles area, more and more drivers are relying on traffic attorneys to avoid harsh penalties.

One Los Angeles-based website wants to make it as easy as possible for LA drivers to find the expert legal counsel they need. That website is, which allows any driver in the greater Los Angeles area to fill out a simple online form to instantly get in touch with an expert traffic lawyer.

A spokesperson for explains how traffic attorneys can help any driver get out of a messy situation:

“From red light cameras to DUI checkstops, there are hundreds of different ways for law enforcement officials to catch drivers. Many drivers caught by law enforcement officials obey the law most of the time and are simply at the wrong place and wrong time when they are caught. With the help of a traffic attorney in LA, drivers can have all charges dismissed against them, including DUI charges, speeding tickets, red light tickets, and more. We encourage drivers to not plead guilty to their tickets and instead seek the help of one of our qualified attorneys.”

At, drivers can connect with a network of handpicked attorneys. The website is designed to connect drivers with the best traffic attorney for their unique case. Today, more and more Los Angeles lawyers specialize in traffic law, and that means drivers can easily access the expert legal services they need to avoid harsh penalties and fines.

The website’s spokesperson explains how traffic attorneys work:

“The goal of a LA traffic attorney is to point out weaknesses in the case brought against the driver. A DUI checkstop may have been conducted unlawfully, for example, or the officer operating the breathalyzer may not have been sufficiently trained in the device’s operation. There are hundreds of different ways for traffic attorneys to defend their clients against virtually any traffic charges.”

Whether caught speeding on the Santa Ana Freeway or charged with a DUI at a Pacific Coast Highway checkstop, wants to help Los Angeles drivers access the expert legal assistance they need.

About is a Los Angeles-based traffic attorney website that connects drivers with expert legal counsel in their local area. Traffic attorneys are often able to dismiss charges against drivers by pointing out weaknesses in the case or in the way the driver was charged. For more information, please visit: