Joe Bragg Offers 'Straight Talk' and 'Free Consultations' to Online Applicants


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Finding the right traffic lawyer is important. A good traffic lawyer is able to dismiss traffic infractions and tickets, while a bad traffic lawyer charges clients thousands of dollars despite losing the case. In some cases - like when charged with an offense while driving a company vehicle - a good traffic lawyer can be the difference between keeping and losing a job.

Atlanta residents are turning to to find the right traffic lawyer for their unique needs. At, visitors will find detailed information about hiring traffic lawyers in the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. The website features a free consultation form that asks applicants to describe the basic details of their traffic incident in order to get in touch with traffic attorneys who specialize in that area of law.

As a spokesperson for explains, the goal of the site is to help drivers connect with the best Georgia traffic lawyer for their unique needs:

“Getting a traffic ticket in Atlanta seems easier today than ever before. In many cases, drivers seem to receive traffic tickets solely to raise money for Atlanta City authorities and law enforcement officials. That’s why we believe in giving drivers a fair chance. At, visitors will discover how easy it is to hire an experienced traffic attorney in the city of Atlanta. Despite charging only a few hundred dollars for their services, traffic attorneys can help drivers escape thousands of dollars in fines or even jail time.”

Atlanta drivers experience all different types of traffic infractions. There are speeding ticket infractions, for example, as well as red light infractions, alcohol and drug related infractions, suspended license tickets, and more. By talking to a professional traffic attorney, drivers can avoid costly driver’s license points, higher insurance rates, and other severe punishments. If the driver was operating a company vehicle at the time of the ticket, a traffic lawyer may even be able to help that driver keep his or her job.

One of the most important lessons shared at is to avoid pleading guilty to any type of traffic infraction:

“As soon as the driver admits to being guilty, it becomes much more difficult to reduce the charges or have them dismissed. We encourage all drivers to avoid pleading guilty until talking to legal counsel. Our attorneys will recommend the best course of action for the driver and will represent that driver in front of the judge in traffic court.”

Those interested in learning more about hiring traffic attorneys in the city of Atlanta can visit for more information.

About is a traffic lawyer website based in Atlanta, Georgia. The website features a free consultation form drivers can fill out after being charged with a speeding ticket, red light ticket, careless driving ticket, or stop sign infraction, among other things. For more information, please visit: