Joe Bragg Tells Visitors About the Best Traffic Lawyer in New York


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- New York is notoriously harsh for punishing drivers. In fact, in a recent study, New York was ranked as fifth worst in the United States when it comes to exploiting drivers. That study looked at traffic laws, enforcement practices, and the treatment of defendants in traffic cases, among other factors.

Today, many New York residents have decided to fight back with the help of a traffic ticket lawyer. At, visitors can learn why hiring a traffic lawyer is so important and where they can go to talk to the best traffic lawyer in NY.

A spokesperson for explains how the site is designed to help drivers:

“We’ve designed our site to be as helpful as possible for New York drivers. Our site offers free consultations and a simple form. After submitting that form, we get in touch with New York’s top traffic attorneys and they go over the details of the case with the client. This entire process can be completed online in minutes.”

At the website, visitors will also find information about fighting specific traffic laws in the state of New York. The website explains that fines for the first speeding offense can range from $100 to $610, while running a red light can cost over $200. Those who speed in excess of 31 miles per hour over the speed limit can expect to pay up to $1060.

Of course, these fines show only the base cost of the ticket. The actual price tends to be much higher:

“Drivers in New York obviously have to pay the face value of the ticket, but the driver also faces a number of other penalties. They receive driver’s license points, for example, which can cost hundreds of dollars during the next visit to the DMV. Those who have received traffic infractions in company vehicles may lose their jobs, and all drivers will face higher auto insurance rates the next time they renew their plan.”

There are a number of different ways to fight these tickets. Traffic lawyers can argue that the officer using the LIDAR gun did not have sufficient training or skill, for example, or that the red light camera did not wait the minimum three seconds after the yellow light before giving a ticket.

Ultimately, encourages New York drivers not to plead guilty until they’ve talked to a traffic ticket lawyer in NYC. With the help of a good traffic ticket attorney, drivers can avoid thousands of dollars in fines, high auto insurance rates, and expensive driver’s license points.

About is an online legal resource for drivers in New York. The website connects NY drivers with some of the best traffic attorneys across New York State. These lawyers provide free consultations to all clients and can help drivers avoid thousands of dollars in penalties. For more information, please visit: