Joe Bragg Explains Traffic Lawyers Help Drivers Save Hundreds of Dollars


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Every day, drivers across America choose to fight their traffic tickets in a court of law. Since many drivers are unaware of the nuances of traffic court, these drivers often choose to hire a lawyer. Traffic lawyers can help drivers save hundreds of dollars while also avoiding costly license points, loss of employment, raised insurance rates, and even jail time.

A traffic ticket website called aims to help drivers find traffic lawyers in their local area. At, visitors will find detailed information about the benefits of hiring a traffic lawyer. The website explains how, exactly, a good traffic lawyer can help drivers by finding errors in the police officer’s investigation.

As a spokesperson for explains, an experienced traffic lawyer can spot a ticket’s weaknesses in an instant:

“After explaining a particular ticket to a traffic lawyer, it may take only a minute to find weaknesses in the way that ticket was issued. A police DUI checkstop may be considered unconstitutional, for example, or a red light camera may have been used to illegally fine a driver. Drivers are often surprised to discover just how many types of traffic tickets can be fought – and won – with the help of a qualified traffic ticket attorney.”

After pleading not guilty to a traffic charge and hiring a traffic lawyer, drivers will be educated on their rights. In court, attorneys for traffic tickets represent clients and know exactly what to say and what to do in order to prevent their client from being unnecessarily punished.

Traffic infractions can have very serious consequences. Unfortunately for drivers, the severity of the punishment often comes down to the subjectivity of a police officer. Some police officers are lenient, while others seem to be ‘out to get’ a driver. At, visitors will learn how to deal with all types of police officers in order to limit the punishment handed out:

“Drivers can face serious consequences for traffic violations. If driving a company vehicle, drivers may lose their job, for example. At the very least, drivers pay an expensive fine and may have points added to their driver’s license, in addition to paying higher insurance rates for years to come.”

Armed with the information at, drivers will be able to defend themselves in court and avoid potentially devastating traffic ticket consequences.

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