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Trainers Suggestions for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Several careers put people at the front lines of exposure to flus, colds, and other winter illnesses; fitness professionals including instructors and trainers are just a few who must be extra cautious about spreading illnesses between themselves, clients, and other colleagues. Here are a few tips from them on how to stay healthy and cold-free during the next few months of the winter season.

Trainer Juliet Stovall advises her clients and other trainers to follow doctor’s advice and wash hands frequently. This step is recommended by the CDC as the number one way to prevent colds and flus. Washing hands cleanses the germs and bacteria from the skin, preventing it from entering the body when a person inadvertently touches their face, or eats something small and their fingers touch the mouth. It’s simple, effective, and important for overall hygiene during all seasons.

Although it’s cold and drinking cold water may seem counterproductive to warming the body, it’s still important to hydrate. Even though the body may not sweat as much during colder weather, it’s still important to keep fluid flowing and blood pumping. Eating well goes right along with this as well; properly fed and hydrated bodies are more able to fight off diseases, and recover quicker if they do strike.

Sleep is another factor in ensuring the body is able to fight off illnesses, and allows for quicker recovery when a cold or flu does happen to invade the system. Approximately 7-8 hours every night is necessary for good rest and recovery, even when flus and colds are not a threat.

Exercise is another important key to keep the body healthy overall, as it boost immunity and keeps the mind healthy and assist in positive thinking – all of which can aid in recovery time. But, if a person is feeling ill or has a cold, it’s best to stay away from the gym and rest up. Trainers who have clients with colds or flus give them plenty of space during the workouts, but also recommend that a day off from a workout routine is sometimes the best way to recover – and keep the people around a person healthy as well, to prevent further spread of the pesky illness that cloud the winter season.

Staying healthy all year round is important, but when the cold outside keeps us inside and confined, colds and flus can spread easily. Following these steps will not only keep a single person healthy, but will help stall the spread of the various illnesses that pester us during the winter and spring months.

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