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TrainGamesHQ.com Brings the Best Free Train Games to the Internet


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2012 -- Gamers and train enthusiast are celebrating the launch of TrainGamesHQ.com. The new train game Website brings the best free train games to the Internet that can be played directly in any browser.

The history of railroads underpins the history of the United States from the industrial age forward. From England inventor George Stephenson’s successful application of steam technology to create the world's first successful locomotive in 1814, to the current pursuit of high speed rail, Americans have always loved trains. While the train’s heyday has passed and the expense as needed space for model railroading can be prohibitive for many, TrainGamesHQ.com is filling the void for gamers that are also train lovers. “This new Website brings some of the most fun train games on the Internet directly to everyone’s browser so everyone can experience the fun and excitement of the railroad,” said the TrainGamesHQ.com founder.

From the ability to build a railroad to taking control of a speeding train, the games on the Website represent the best free train games online. Gamers are already picking their favorites such as “Epic Rail,” which test the player’s ability to drop off the right passengers at the right station. Others like “Train Traffic Control” challenge the player to control the flow of railway traffic by changing traffic signals to avoid crashes. “This is a puzzle train game that tests the player’s time management abilities to keep all of the trains moving without any crashes,” said the Website founder.

Movie buffs will recognize the train game “Unstoppable,” which is based on the film starring Denzel Washington. Players must plan the train’s route and build the track before the train arrives to avoid devastating crashes. Managing money, time and routing is the key to winning this game. “Railroad Mania” is a similar rail-line building game, but points are awarded for advancing the train over the required minimum number of track pieces. “The train games on the Website run the gamut from simple for small gamers to more challenging games for adults,” said the Website founder. “Although most of them provide a new experience with each play, gamers should check back often as new games are always being added.” For more information, please visit http://traingameshq.com/

About TrainGamesHQ.com
TrainGamesHQ.com is a free-to-play games site focusing on train related games. TrainGamesHQ.com is the perfect gaming site for train enthusiasts, as it features train games for kids, as well as train driving and railroad construction games. The site will be updated with the latest 100-percent free train games every week, so train lovers can continue to check back for more of the latest fun train games on the Web.