"7 Traits for Victory" Leadership Qualities and Characteristics


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- Author and Professional Speaker Sophia Burrell explore the lives of history’s most famous movers and shakers and have created an in-depth look at the characteristic traits that are similar in all of them. The book is titled “7 Traits For Victory” and is written to give anyone perspective on what it takes to succeed.

From Julius Caesar to Margaret Thatcher including her own life experiences, Burrell delved into why these individuals were able to persist although the cards we stacked against them.

Burrell drew stories from her own career, having emigrated from Jamaica to the United States and successfully started two business ventures. “If you are not on the path to achieving your goals, fear is winning,” she said.

The word victory is used as an acronym, each letter symbolizing a trait necessary for success. The book is a success recipe for extraordinary living and will inspire, motivate and empower anyone seeking leadership or greatness.

This is Sophia Burrell’s second book. The first, “Kiss the Little You Goodbye” is about using the vicissitudes of life to achieve what you want. Sophia lives in New York City with her two children.

Book Information:

Title: 7 Traits For Victory
Author: Sophia L. Burrell
Publication: August 2012
ISBN: 9781478324744
Price: $12
Size: 5.25 X 8
Available From: Amazon

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

About Sophia Burrell
Sophia is a professional speaker and author who resides in New York City. She is passionate about making a difference, empowering and motivating young minds to rise to the challenges of their higher self.