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Trampolines Info Creates New Online Trampoline Resource Centre for Parents

Trampolines are a stimulating, fun and physical piece of equipment that enables children to play physically in a time where children are increasingly sedentary, claims the new website.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Trampolines are a relatively simple device, taking a tensile material and stretching it using springs to create a resistant layer that absorbs and reflects energy, propelling objects and people in the opposite direction from whence they came. This simple principle can nevertheless generate thousands of hours of physical activity, fun and exploration, and even the beginnings of a passion for gymnastics, with every leap a chance to feel weightless and free. This is the opinion of Trampolines Info (, a new website designed to get children off the sofa and into the garden.

Trampolines Info has all the information parents could need when considering investing in play equipment for the garden. It includes information on the many different types, sizes and shapes of trampoline as well as accessories and more. The site also describes the benefits of trampolines for young children and their development.

The website includes articles and advice in easy to read plain English, talking about the challenges in children’s development and their honing of skills, as well as talking about the affordability and practicality of a trampoline as an investment.

A spokesperson for Trampolines Info ( explained, “We have created a list of some of the best trampolines currently available on the market, which we believe will make a sound investment for parents as well as being great fun and safe for kids. The use of a trampoline develops balance, fine motor skills, bodily dexterity and flexibility as well as making children feel braver and more confident. It’s even a great space to play creatively with friends. The site is regularly updated with information, top brands, new releases and more, so it’s always worth checking in regularly to see the latest news.”

About Trampolines Info
Trampolines Info is a website dedicated to educating parents on not just the fun and joy of a trampoline, but also how they benefit children in keeping fit, healthy and sociable. Many children now spend so many hours in front of a games console, to get children outdoors and playing like the old days is so much more beneficial, and a trampoline can be an important part of making the back garden stimulating and fun. For more information please visit: