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Transatlantic Startup to Revolutionize Online Shipping Experience


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2015 -- An innovative website has been launched recently by two individuals separated by the Atlantic Ocean – the American co-founder lives in Wichita, Kansas and the European co-founder lives in Lisbon, Portugal. The exchange of ideas and the realization of a niche were all done over a simple Skype call, the duo then set out to provide a solution that seeks to improve shopping experience when purchasing many different items. Juxle is the product of people brought together by the Internet, realizing a need that required fulfilling to make other's shopping experiences more convenient.

Juxle™ is a new online shopping service that aims to revolutionize the shopping experience by offering its service for free! The service the website provides has been designed to make shopping for a variety of items easier, more convenient and less time consuming by introducing Bundles, that combine together a variety of product within a single category that can be purchased with just a few clicks. Those who are expecting a baby and are looking items that they will need to get started and be prepared for the little one, Juxle offers such buyers various baby products bundles that have been carefully put together to meet the needs of such buyers. Kitchen and dining needs? The website will allow buyers to get their arsenal together with just a few clicks! Christmas gifts? Juxle has that covered as well.

The concept of buying curated bundles has been created to save hours of research, hours of checking reviews, and hours of shopping at different sites and stores, hours of frustrating searching, hours that could have been spent on something more fun and rewarding. The objective, according to the creators of the website, was to create a completely new, quick and seamless shopping experience, combining it with reliable shipping service without any extra service-related cost to the users. In essence, the team behind Juxle, who create the bundles act as their buyer's shopping assistants at no cost to the buyers, the team handpicks high quality, high rated products from to be sold as bundles.

The website spokesperson said: "You may not have noticed, but every time you need to buy something, you'll eventually end up buying more items to fulfill your needs. Whether you're looking for kitchen or baby bundles, chances are that you will need a lot more than you can think of. With Juxle, all your needs are covered. Shopping bundles are the new trend."

About Juxle
Juxle is a trademark of Juxle LLC, and their mission is to provide people with a completely different shopping experience…one based on pure convenience.

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