Transcending Fashion Radio Offers 5 Tips to Find Inspiration for Your Next Creative Project

Best tips to find inspiration for their next creative projects


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Natacha Adjovi was tired of the mundaneness and sameness of clothes, crafts and home designs. Not one to sit on her hands, she decided to dedicate some time to discovering how to deliver do-it-yourself (diy) crafts, quilting and other pursuits out of the cookie cutter mill. She also has learned how to turn a sewing machine into a marvelous friend as well as a flexible tool. Her insider secrets are delicious and she doesn't mind sharing.

She decided to reach within her awakened, ambitious and enlightened self to come up with some inspirational help. Adjovi is the “go-to” Creative Lifestyle expert to seek out if you want to create or customize your own clothes, accessories and crafts. Creator of numerous such projects herself, she shares her ideas on finding inspiration to help take a project from concept to fruition. Through her list and on her website, she is glad to spread out her table of knowledge and help countless others to take their sewing patterns, dress patterns, craft ideas, embroidery designs and crochet/quilt patterns to the upper echelons of high fashion and optimum creativity. Below she offers five ways to accomplish what seems impossible.

5 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Next Creative Projects
- The first thing I do is ask myself “what do I need?” For example, I've been going a lot to a fitness dance type of class and I just did not want to wear the typical boring fitness outfit. So I created for myself some very cute short skirts that I could wear on top of my leggings. I call them ‘galaxy hips.’ I had tons of fun doing them and you can see the pictures on my blog if you want.

Please see the link for images referred to by Adjovi at the following link: Look under creations and find the drop down menu. Click on Galaxy Hips.

- The second place where I love to find inspiration is at my local fabric and craft shop. There's a lovely girl there called Sasja, she's very cool and we love to discuss new techniques and trends and I just find the whole place very inspiring.
To borrow her idea, she recommends that you find a craft store near you or close to your job. Visit during your leisure time or lunch time and establish a relationship with one or more of the employees. You may find your very own Sasha close to you, and she could become a potential BFF in the craft industry.

- The third way is to browse commercial patterns. I especially love to check online for new independent pattern designers. They usually give very good instructions and put so much love into their work.

- The fourth way is to go window-shopping. I’ll just go to my local shopping center and check the new babies on display.

- Finally, I just look at what people wears in the streets and see how I can reproduce it and turn it into something that would just look fantastic for myself.

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