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Transcriptionists of Metascriptum.de Website Provide Old German Handwriting Transcription Services


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2012 -- Individuals and groups with documents written in old German handwriting can now get an old German script translation performed by the transcriptionists of metascriptum.de. The Website’s transcriptionists provide a reliable service for people seeking to understand anything written in old German script.

Prior to 1941, the old German handwriting or Sütterlin script was taught in German schools. Adapted from an earlier handwriting style known as Fraktur used by government officials, Sütterlin script was designed by Berlin graphic artist Ludwig Sütterlin. In 1941, the German Government dictated a change from the florid Sütterlin script, which led to subsequent generations of Germans as well as the rest of the world being unable to read the old German handwriting.

Today, there is a wealth of documentation that spans every type of literary writing that lies hidden within the old German handwriting. The transcriptionists of metascriptum.de are now providing old German script translation, or altdeutsche Schrift übersetzen in the German language, via their service. “There are scholars, historians, families and others around the world and in Germany that have treasured documents that they cannot read in the old German Script,” said a metascriptum.de transcriptionist. “We provide a service of transcribing those documents into the contemporary letter system.”

Individuals merely send a sample of the document to be transcribed to the specialists via the Website and they provide an estimate of cost for transcription. The old documents can be scanned and emailed or alternatively send photocopied versions via traditional mail. In addition to the old German script translation services, the Website provides a brief history of the old German handwriting as well as the reasons why it fell out of favor.

Today, most of those who could Sütterlinschrift übersetzen, or in English, ‘translate the Sütterlin script,’ are gone. Families have handwritten documents and personal papers from long gone relatives they would love to read,” said the transcriptionist. “There is a treasure trove of important handwritten documents that are priceless for relatives as well as historians and scholars locked in this old German handwriting, and we’re glad that we can help unlock its secrets for people.”

For more information, please visit http://www.metascriptum.de/old-german-handwriting-transcription-and-translation.htm

About Metascriptum.de
Metascriptum.de is a Website providing transcription services for documents written in old German handwriting known as Sütterlin script. Individuals may email a scanned document or mail a photocopy to the Website transcriptionists who will provide an estimated cost of transcription. The Website also provides a brief history of the Sütterlin script style and the historical reasons for its loss.