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Transfer Tables by Rotacaster Best for Prefab Concrete Company

Transfer Tables by Rotacaster Best for Prefab Concrete Company


Tighes Hill, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Rotacaster Wheel Limited is an Australian company with a focus on innovative product design. Rotacaster is a patented multi-directional wheel quickly becoming the alternative to the swivel caster. The Rotacaster is a sturdy, robust wheel, adaptable to a vast array of applications and it overcomes many of the limitations associated with the traditional swivel caster wheel.

A Canadian company needed a solution to transfer prefab concrete walls from one assembly line to the next in their curing facility. The solution needed to be durable, cost effective, and require minimal maintenance. Instead of the more traditional and substantial infrastructure, the company opted for Rotacasters arranged along the line and perpendicular to the primary direction of movement.

The final solution required only 72 paired R2 125mm Rotacasters per transfer table. A total of 12 tables were installed. Transferring the substantial wall slabs was facilitated by simple chain drive, necessitating minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.

The Rotacaster was developed to improve on the swivel caster wheel and it does so in a number of ways. The key improvements are:

- The ability to move loads in any direction while in a stable fixed mount. This delivers significantly improved load stability by eliminating caster induced shift in the center of gravity when changing directions. This is particularly critical for tall and or stacked loads.
- A precise response to steering input by eliminating caster lag during directional change.
- Directional stability on inclined surfaces. The stable fixed mount eliminates the ‘runaway shopping cart’ syndrome, significantly reducing the force required to move perpendicular to the incline.
- Bottom line, the ROTACASTER offers a significantly improved floor wheel performance compared to the traditional swivel caster.

Applications for the Rotacaster range from material handling equipment (hand trucks, trolleys, dollies, carts, skates) to shopping carts and luggage; from conveyor transfers, pipe rollers, and other inverted applications to robotics and patient lifts in medical settings. Contact Rotacaster at or via phone: 61 2 4907 8100.

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