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Transform Business Processes with a Complete Back Office Training Administration System (TAS) from Enterprise Study


Cheltenham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2018 -- Enterprise Study, one of the most prominent names in business offers a complete back office training administration system (TAS) for transforming business processes. By automating workflow process within the training administration system, achieving business transformation goals has become easier for their clients. Their TAS helps customers by reducing the time and cost of scheduling and pricing the training programme as the software helps in quickly creating, resourcing, and pricing training events.

By reducing the cost of communications and automating electronic communication, positive customer experience is delivered to the delegates and associate trainers. Besides transforming business processes, TAS also helps in transforming business intelligence and profitability. The software also helps in improving cash flow and reducing the cost of finance handling resulting in highly efficient business processes. Also, the TAS delivers a global sales offering without having to change the established system for each market, and that is also done with full multi-currency financial control.

Enterprise Study has been providing quality service by helping the people in installing and operating the Training Administration System, the best training course management software in the industry. Besides the TAS, they also provide a multitude of products such as LMS, Compliance, CPD, E-Commerce, and many more. Their award-winning training administration software will help training providers in developing, scheduling, and publishing events. It will also help them in imparting blended learning programmes to multiple clients.

Elaborating on the benefits of TAS, a representative of enterprise study stated, "We will provide you with the tools to enable you to increase your sales through e-commerce, brokering solutions, partner reselling, catalog management, and client portals. We will ensure that you are supported by the software, not restricted by it. We use years of industry knowledge to implement best practices within our software, ensuring that you benefit from our experience and that of our customers'. Whether it's through time-saving efficiencies, new sales avenues, improved customer retention, or process improvement, our goal is to support you in growing your business."

About Enterprise Study
The goal of Enterprise Study is to make it easy for buyers and sellers of training to transact in harmony, in a cost-effective way. They continually innovate, whilst already delivering a powerful suite of learning, compliance and talent management tools to support organizations from the small (training provider with 5-6 employees) to the big daddies (a managed learning contract with 450,000 staff). The security and resilience of their hosted environment allow them to provide the highest levels of system availability and data security, which gives great comfort to their existing and new customers.

For more information, please visit: https://enterprisestudy.com/product-overview/modules/tas-training-administration-system/

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