Transforming a Solid Brand Into an Empire


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2022 -- In this show, host Magnus Carter is joined by Justine Pogroske, one the world's elite marketing and branding entrepreneurs. Justine is a legacy-minded entrepreneur and visionary. Justine fell in love with the world of digital and advertising and worked for top tier global agencies such as Ogilvy, Saatchi, corporate giants and creative digital leaders and worked on world renowned brands such of which included: Nike, Optus, American Express, Range Rover to name a few. Magnus is going to find out what it takes to make a successful brand and to find out what is needed to catapult a brand into empire status. These are just a few of the items to be talked about on this show.

"We are excited that Magnus Carter, host of Making More Money for YOU on VoiceAmerica's Business channel, will be bringing this important topic to light with his expert guest, Justine Pogroske, an elite entrepreneur that is in touch with her gifts as a cutting-edge marketing and branding maestro," – says Senior Executive Producer of the show, Tacy Trump.

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About Justine Pogroske
Justine is an extremely talented powerhouse that holds many titles such as CEO and Founder of Million Dollar Branders Podcast, a brand strategist, legacy builder, author and speaker.

Justine started her own agency, Million Dollar Branders. Her company has delivered Award-winning, exceptional and transforming work to clients ranging from Coke, Dove, Nike, Purina, Canon alongside corporate clients such as American Express and Optus. Her unwavering dedication to her craft has equipped her with essential skills to successfully navigate the corridors of the international marketplace. Whether on Mainstreet or in the Metaverse, speaking on stage you can find Justine engaged in cutting-edge brand projects ranging from NASCAR to NFTs, Future Fashion-tech, Digital marketing via the Internet-of-things and augmented reality. Her agency, Million Dollar Branders was recognized by the Telstra Business Awards as one of the top emerging and energized businesses in Australia. She has been named the "Million Dollar Brander" by Fortune 500's, her elite thought leader clients to celebrities and more for a reason.

Justine is a global keynote speaker with a cutting-edge approach to the branding and digital world. The contours of a successful marketing campaign are fashioned from authenticity, integrity and unforgettable style. Crafting the unique signature of a successful brand identity is the key to driving a successful legacy brand. Justine is an ambassador of empowering entrepreneurial visionaries to make their dreams into a reality. She can be found speaking cutting edge thought leadership, hope and wonder into audiences across the globe. Her keynote, entitled: "The Lamborghini Effect: How to Build an irresistible Million Dollar Brand" is a remarkable roadmap rooted in gems of wisdom and inspiration.

About Magnus Carter
Magnus started in the work force from a young age of 12 years old. He was always taught that a man that works hard can achieve anything in life. So, by the age of 21 Magnus was working at a diner in New York City he started to notice all of the people that came in and out of the diner were wearing nice clothes, jewelry, they had fancy cars and a family. As time progressed, he was curious and asked a gentleman how he could afford all these things? The information contained in that conversation sparked a fire into Magnus's soul and forever changed his outlook on life. He learned that making money wasn't the only thing he needed to do. But, using the money he already made had to make money as well. After learning that his passion for making a brighter future was way beyond anything he had ever dreamed. During his journey he has made many mistakes and learned many new skills.

About Making More Money for You!
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