Transformyou Debunks One of the Popular Myths

Reveals impact of low Testosterone on women


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2019 -- Transformyou, known for its transformative wellness practice in metro Phoenix Arizona area has shattered one of the misconceptions people have by focusing on the impact of low Testosterone on women.

While it is often considered a male hormone, the fact remains that along with Estrogen and Progesterone, it is one of the three sexual hormones in women. It is made by adrenal glands and produced in the ovaries.

A lot has been said and discussed about its impact on male Libido, but its importance in a woman's reproductive years is often overlooked. But its production drops drastically and women in their 40s are known to have only 50% of Testosterone and DHEAs in their bodies compared to women half their age.

Having this crucial hormone in adequate levels is equally important for women's mental and physical wellbeing. Some of the impacts of lower levels include tiredness, weight gain, and decreased sexual desire, especially amongst middle aged women.

In fact, some women start seeing symptoms of it in their 30s. It can hamper their wellbeing drastically, which is where TRT – replacement therapy has its advantages. A simple blood test can reveal the depleted levels of hormones in women's bodies.

The replacement therapy is delivered through a simple topical cream or injection. It can consist of the hormone alone or a combination with Estrogen and Progesterone based on a woman's specific requirements. The dosage is adjusted by experts for best results.

Transformyou offers free consultation about the therapy and expert professional services that can have a significant impact on women's wellbeing.

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