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Translation Exchange Helps Businesses Grow on an International Scale by Offering Translation Solutions Through Their Management Platform


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2016 -- One of the major aspects of localization - the process of adapting content to a specific market - is translation. Translation is the key to communicating a product or service to consumers worldwide. Businesses looking to grow and expand by reaching out to a broader audience need to have a solid translation solution that will help them accomplish their objective according to their specific operational needs. Translation Exchange, the groundbreaking online localization service company, does just that with their very own translation management platform.

Translation Exchange offers subscription packages for monthly rates that are affordable for businesses both large and small. Once businesses partner with their translation solution services, they integrate Translation Exchange's revolutionary development tools, which provides access to their industry connections, translators, tools, and technology curated for meeting localization goals.

The state-of-the-art development tools, built by their own engineers and professionals, assists developers and marketers with translating their apps and hosted websites. Using the platform, users are provided with various options for translating their content. The translation solution can be determined based on specific needs. Businesses can use their own translators on the project using the software by inviting them, or ordering professional translations through the dashboard.

By signing up and starting an account with Translation Exchange, businesses can expect to acquire the translation tools they need for quick and accurate localization. To learn more about the revolutionary translation services of Translation Exchange and find out how to sign up, go to

About Translation Exchange
Based in Los Angeles, CA, Translation Exchange is a team of translators, engineers, and professionals who specialize in providing businesses with the solution they need to translate their medium for localization - whether it be a hosted website, mobile app, or web app. Their mission is to help their clients grow their company globally by providing the technology, tools and connections that will allow them to communicate with customers in any language.

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