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Translation Exchange Provides Localization for Jiff

Translation services solution drives increased healthcare benefits business


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2016 -- Translation Exchange, the proprietary and automated localization platform, is pleased to announce their recent contract with Jiff Inc., the leading enterprise health benefits platform. The translation services provider has found a significant and unmet need for healthcare businesses to localize their content. Jiff is the first business to contract Translation Exchange for their localization needs in communicating with a broad market of enterprise clients.

Jiff Inc. realized that the big multinational U.S. based companies using their platform wanted to provide their health benefits service to populations located around the world. To meet the needs of their customers, Jiff Inc. needed an efficient way to translate its groundbreaking enterprise health benefits platform. By partnering with Translation Exchange, Jiff Inc. is able to have its platform translated efficiently so that their customers can offer the app to their population in the languages that are fluent in their country.

"Healthcare businesses provide a critical service to companies and individuals globally," said Michael Berkovich, CEO and cofounder of Translation Exchange. "We are excited to help Jiff and other companies become more accessible to their array of clients through implementation of our localization tools and services."

Jiff had selected Translation Exchange for their website localization services not because they could translate content, but rather, because they could provide a translation management platform that could help achieve translation across all of their various technologies. Translation Exchange could provide Jiff Inc. with the one thing they needed most - one solution that could provide translation support and management for their different services.

"We are excited to work with Translation Exchange to serve our existing and new clients," said Falko Buttler, Senior Director of Engineering at Jiff, Inc. "We look forward to seeing our business grow and our enterprise clients respond even more favorably to our offerings as a result of the welcoming engagement they experience with Translation Exchange's localization."

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