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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2016 -- Some animals have laid a honey trap. There is a snake sitting on square 64 and another one on the 72, right at the end of the lane. The ladder in between these is violently shaking due to the gust of wind. Either you wait before casting the next turn so the weather thins out, or just take your changes to outdo and be done with a lucky throw. But all is not lost, on square 74 there is a ladder which takes you to 156, though there is a fire there, but you have enough power via in-app purchase to walk you through it. The rest is all chance and may the best dice thrower win. Hope the wager is odds in your favor.

Welcome to the Ladders Up 1.0, a game which is different created with a free play mode built in, capable of changing themes and added in-app purchases.

Order a pre-launch copy via our Kickstarter and you could looks at the creation on for features, rewards.

One of the rewards is a 6x6x6 grid with snakes and ladders- a mock which could be a conversational piece in your living room. Playing cards are very differently created, though the most interesting one seems to be a pen, which is engraved in the themes. Sinister- but a great hold for a lifetime. Check out all of them from $10 to $ 7500 on Kickstarter and

Come and back the project now on Officially see it on for a detailed game description, rendering, animations, the builds update and mond blowing rewards being offered!

Attached with this release are: scenes from the grid, some rewards that Kickstarter backers may get and about MassCoMedia.

About Ladders Up 3D
Ladders Up 3D is currently in the advanced stage of development. Masscomedia UK has just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise £75,000 for the completion of the project. After the successful funding of the V1.0 of the game, Masscomedia UK aspires to move towards the next version.

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About Masscomedia UK
MassCoMedia UK recently initiated their journey on several new and original games that will be built for PS4, PC and Mobile Platforms. All the games are created differently with an extensive story line, in-App purchases, and different creative levels.

Attached with this release are:

Scenes from the grid, Some Rewards that Kickstarter backers may get and About MassCoMedia.

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