Trash Daddy

Trash Daddy Provides Same-Day Dumpster Rental for Businesses


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2016 -- There's a joke amongst Pennsylvanians that there are three seasons: Winter, summer, and construction. Development is a constant process in Pennsylvania, especially in the Southeast part of the state, where population and business growth have led to new commercial buildings and developments cropping up throughout the area. With construction comes much debris and waste that needs to be safely disposed of, and that's where Trash Daddy, a provider of roll-off container rental services and waste removal in Yardley, PA, comes in.

About Trash Daddy
Trash Daddy, a waste removal company based near Levittown, PA, offers a safe, convenient, and affordable way for construction site managers and business owners to dispose of waste and debris from construction projects. Their distinctive bright yellow dumpsters come in three sizes, which can accommodate waste from small cleanup projects to extensive build-outs and remodels. The dumpsters are available for seven-day rental periods at affordable prices, and can be rented for longer periods if needed. Same-day drop-off and removal of containers can be requested based on availability at the time of ordering.

Each dumpster is suitable for the disposal of common construction waste such as drywall, shingles, tile, and plywood. (A list of materials that cannot be used in a container is available on the company's website.) Once the container is filled, Trash Daddy will pick up the container and dispose of the waste properly. This means that customers never have to worry about truck rental, dumping fines, or other expenses of DIY trash removal.

Trash Daddy's dumpsters are suitable for homeowners and industrial sites, as well. To learn more about Trash Daddy's same-day container rental services, visit