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Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Announces 'Smope' Website & App to Deliver Smiles to All

Ruby Taylor overcame a tragic car accident coupled with a devastating brain injury, surpassed improbable odds, and managed to launch an inspirational online brand to spread joy to those who need it most.


Lancaster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- When Ruby Taylor awoke one morning in the year of 2012 and realized she'd been involved in a major car accident, she immediately found herself faced against almost unimaginable odds.

Her life had quickly transformed in an instant, from that of working as a bustling social worker at a school, to being unable to perform even basic personal needs. Ruby's entire world shifted towards an extreme state of pain, desperation and depression – one in which she wasn't able to laugh or smile for a full year.

The situation became so severe that she briefly considered jumping out of a building, only stopping herself because she realized that she was just two stories high. In her injury-induced state of confusion, Ruby couldn't comprehend that she could've taken the elevator a few stories higher to fully commit to jumping.

Thankfully, Ruby immediately found a much better solution to the problem at hand after experiencing an unforeseen change of heart. Rather than making a deadly mistake, Ruby decided to launch a Facebook page to ease her pain. She immediately began using the page to spread positive, uplifting and funny content to others – hoping that making others feel amazing would make her happy as well.

She quickly forgot all about jumping, and began thinking all about loving instead.

This concept of sharing cheerful content with others worked so well for Ruby that it has turned into an online brand which includes a website, mobile app and social media channels. Ruby's website called 'Smope' combines "Smiles and Hope" in a single platform. She is also launching a Smope mobile app to accompany her uplifting website and brand.

Now in significantly better overall health, Ruby finds plenty of reason to smile every day, and encourages other brain injury survivors, those suffering with depression, postpartum mothers, caregivers or anyone else that simply wants to smile and laugh to visit the Smope website. From the website, you can subscribe to Ruby's e-mail list to receive joyful content which reminds us all that life is always worth smiling about.

Big plans are currently underway to deliver over one million smiles through the Smope brand.

Visit Ruby's website to subscribe to the e-mail list now:

About Smope
Smope, based in Lancaster, PA is the website, mobile app and online brand that spreads smiles and hope to brain injury survivors, those suffering with depression, postpartum mothers, caregivers and anyone else who wants to smile and laugh.

Person: Ruby L. Taylor, M.S.W.
Phone Number: 703-869-6620
E-mail Address: