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Traveler's Pick Launch Their Latest Innovative Product, the Silicone Wedding Rings on Amazon

Traveler’s Pick presents their latest product, Silicone Wedding Ring for Men. This is the Silicone Wedding Band of the future generation. It’s made of Hypo Allergic Food Grade Silicone which helps show commitment while keeping an active lifestyle.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Traveler's Pick is one of the most customer satisfying American family brand offering the most comfortable travel accessories which helps everyone ,,Remember to enjoy the ride". They never took pride in satisfying their customers, rather always tried to find criticism in everything and provided a better version of their products.

"I have to say I had to contact the seller, and they were just wonderful, I love that they responded to me within minutes. Great seller"-R.K.

Their aim is to amaze with their dedication to customer's needs. That is why they always ask their partners to judge them not by their satisfied customers, but by their unsatisfied ones. That is how they always stay connected to customer's needs. Using only the finest materials, Traveler's Pick does not aim for their products to feel comfortable .They designed the products to fell so natural when used, that one forgives they are there, just as one feels in the presence of the loved ones!

One can get top value for the bundle that consists of three different styles of wedding bands of the same size selected. Isn't this the best way to show commitment to lady love? Yes it is. These rings come in three different colors: Black, Navy Blue and Camo. These FDA compliant rings are made of hypo allergic food grade silicone making them non-conductive around electricals and waterproof around water that it doesn't corrode when in contact with water or soap water. It is chemically inert and non-porous as well.

It's a completely safe and sound product and tough as it is designed strongly enough to break after 172N pressure. These rings are made with lot of flexibility allowing to move the fingers easily while working out or jumping or stretching. And guess what? Scratching a car with these rings is impossible even when brushing the fingers against the car accidentally. Electricians, plumbers, military men who never wore rings cause their work demanded full flexibility and the metal wedding ring was a hindrance, can now wear rings again and make their wives smile and content again. Ladies now know what to gift their fiancé or husband because wearing a band that will always remind them of a pure display of commitment.

About Traveler's Pick
Most happening American family brand, offering the best comfortable travel accessories helping to "Remember to enjoy the ride" Their customer care goal isn't to have happy customers.

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There is a 69% off going on and the price is down to 18.84$.The complete Traveler's Pick new Silicone Wedding Band Set was created after submitting two surveys to +4 000 people that are engaged in the active lifestyle. All ideas for best uses, wise tips, experiences and recommendations are now available for free in an eBook that was created for new clients.

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