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Travelgenio Changes Its Headquarters Address and Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- After all the changes produced, leading to its constant expansion, the Spanish online travel agency, Travelgenio , has also changed its headquarters address to the nearby cl. Albasanz nr.15 in Madrid.

This year, after reporting €90M of gross sales, after opening new international markets, also increasing its workforce and with an important increase in its schedule and customer channels, the expansion and change of location was a necessary commitment in order to provide the service quality that has been offering since it was founded in 2010.

The headquarter change takes place simultaneously with the celebration of its 3rd Anniversary and it is a further step in the business plan of the travel agency in order to be able to deal with its expansion plan.

Faced with the presence in the Spanish, British and French markets in 2012, this year Travelgenio has also added to its portfolio countries like Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands. The next step for the agency is to add new markets within its European expansion plan.

For 2013, when the number of bookings greatly increased, Travelgenio expects to achieve a turnover of over €150M

In words of its CEO, Mariano Pelizzari , “this year we are specially excited by the changes we are having in the company. Seeing that our daily work has the success we expected in quality terms, that guarantee our results, is an incentive to try to improve further our value proposition and our customer service”.

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