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Ojai, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- People travelling to foreign countries may experience the language barrier. Countries like Russia, Japan, China etc requires travelers to know the basics of their languages as much of the population in such countries prefer to have conversations in their languages. Travelers usually use translator applications in mobile phones or dictionaries to aid them in communicating with people in foreign countries. offers them a better alternative with printable language sheets.

The website owners refer to the sheets as ‘language cheat sheets’. offers cheat sheets for various languages. These sheets cover the basics of the languages, food, pronunciation, culture, travel tips etc. “We are constantly trying to refine the sheets and use native speakers so that you will have the right words at your fingertips and on your lips,” say the owners of the website.

There are multiple sheets for each language and all of them can be printed. Presently, the website offers travel cheat sheets for 14 languages. The languages include Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Czech, Thai, Vietnamese, Swahili, Croatian and Turkish. The owners of the website also add that they will be uploading language sheets for Russian, Cantonese, Arabic and Laotian.

The website owners explain that they have faced language issues in their travels, which led them to the idea of language training. The owners also add that a starter language sheet can be downloaded for free, and users are not even required to pay monthly fees. However, for downloading the sheets, the owners request users to join their venture and become a lifetime member. The lifetime membership requires a one-time payment of $17. After signing up as a member, users will be able to download and print any and all of the cheat sheets. The website owners assure that they will be adding improved travel language sheets in the coming weeks.

Visit to register as a member and download language sheets.

The language training website is owned by a couple going by the digital names, Owl and Bear. The owners are travelers who have travelled to many countries and never found an effective and practical language guide each time. They state this as the reason why they have come up with the idea of which can make travelling easy for people, without worrying about language problems. There are cheat sheets for about 14 languages in the website presently, and with more language sheets will be available in the next few weeks.

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