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Travers Dental Practice in London Offers Long-Lasting Dental Implants for Adults at Affordable Rates

Patients are guaranteed complete preventive care to maintain their oral health from Travers


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- For many adults, the idea of going to the dentist is not an enjoyable thought. Furthermore, if dental implants are needed, the prospect of getting them fitted and having the work completed can be complicated and sometimes painful. Travers Dental Practice is taking the pain and complication out of getting dental implants and is putting the health of the patient first.

Travers Dental Practice was opened in May 1993 by Richard Travers. The goal was to provide quality patient care for those looking to treat gum disease or get cosmetic dentistry work completed. Travers Dental Practice in London has been the go-to location for adults for getting quality dental work done.

Travers prides itself on helping its patients overcome dental chair fatigue. “The whole process was painless and pleasant,” says patient Johnnie Mousicos.

Travers Dental Practice promises to utilize advanced and modern techniques to ensure the safety as well as comfort of clients. Almost all the treatments offered are said to be guaranteed for two years, which indicates the quality of service delivered by these practitioners. The website features a list of treatments including Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Dentures and much more.

People who are looking to receive the latest and advanced cosmetic and dental care treatments at affordable rates can rely on the services offered by Travers Dental Practice. New visitors can browse through the testimonials of patients, which will provide an insight into the equipment used, service quality and approach of this dental care centre.

The website says, “We encourage our patients to anticipate potential problems and eliminate the factors that we know are likely to cause dental disease. Our focus is on helping people become and stay healthy while improving their appearance.”

Modern dentistry offers a number of pain free techniques. At Travers Dental Practice, patients are ensured treatments with the highest quality materials for the purpose of delivering aesthetic results. The professional and well-trained team at Travers is said to cure all types of gum diseases and deliver standard cosmetic dental care.

The broad range of modern treatments and its costs are specified in detail on the website A regular visit to an experienced dentist not only helps create and maintain an attractive smile but also protects and improves overall dental health.

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About Travers Dental Practice
Travers Dental Practice was established in 1993 by Richard Travers. The main goal of this venture is to provide high-quality advanced dental care treatments to patients at affordable costs. The team of Travers consists of dental and hygiene professionals backed by several years of experience.

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