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Treadmill Consumers Pits the Sole F63 and F80 Against One Another in New Comparison Review

Treadmill Consumers has put its two highest rated Sole products into a new comparison review to help consumers decide which one is the best value.


Jackson, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Cardiovascular, steady state training is still the most important single factor in keeping the body healthy and robust throughout the lifespan of an individual. Whether power walking, jogging or running, individuals can use a treadmill to lessen the impact on joints compared to running out on the road, as well as control the incline and speed of their travel. Treadmill Consumers is a site dedicated to helping people find the best home treadmill for their training needs, and has recently pitted their two best performing treadmills against one another to see which is best for whom.

The Sole F63 vs The F80 Treadmill comparison review overviews each product with its major advantages and additional features, giving a tale of the tape ahead of the main showdown. The review then goes into detail about the features unique to each model, their dimensions, weight and the relative price.

Which comes out on top depends on the individual needs and requirements of the user themselves, and so while no clear winner is announced, it will be obvious to each person according to their needs which provides a better fit for their training. If neither is a clear winner, individuals can consult SOLE Treadmills: An Overview to get details on every model in the range.

A spokesperson for Treadmill Consumers explained, “SOLE started out creating treadmills for in-room use in hotels, allowing individuals to conveniently get their exercise in privately, without having to go to a public gym space. They were so successful they expanded their range of products and began selling them commercially for home use, and today are the number one provider of home treadmills. The F63 is the all-time great, where the F80 is the cutting edge model, so the real deciding factor for consumers is how much 21st century integration they need.”

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