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Treadmill Fitness: New Steps to Modify a Fitness Classic


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Outdoor runners tend to dread the days of cooler weather and the inevitable turn to the indoor running track that is the treadmill. But, new studies and fitness experts say treadmill classes can increase running efficiency and provide entertainment and glamor to indoor running activities.

Trainer David Silk says most runners, or even novice exercisers, step onto the treadmill have no clue all the options that modern day treadmills can come with. Many gyms are now offering treadmill classes to educate runners on how to use the device, and come up with routines that are engaging and interesting to class participants.

The treadmill is one of the most popular fitness machines available, accounting for 58 percent of home fitness purchases in 2012. Many treadmill routines can be adapted from the gym to use at home as well.

Unlike running outdoors, treadmill training keeps you running at a steady pace, but varying the incline or grade will increase cardio output and calorie burning. Some classes organize 45 minute workouts where participants are put through three different running paces at different inclines to challenge themselves. Sometimes these classes will incorporate strength training exercises, such as push-ups or other body-weight exercises, to add other intervals to the workout.

Overall, research has indicated that the treadmill is just as effective in burning calories and increasing fitness as running outdoors is. And just as with modern day parkour workouts that require participants to perform different exercises as they adapt to the path of their job, treadmills can be used to create a variety of interval workouts guaranteed to keep you entertained and physically fit all through the winter months.

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