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Treadmill Running Basics


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- Running on a treadmill lacks the variety and challenge that is present when running outdoors, but treadmill settings can be modified to reflect and mimic outdoor challenges. One only needs to know the right settings and tips to make indoor running a challenge, and blogger Casey Kerrigan has suggestions for those who need to take to the treadmill to keep their fitness levels up this winter.

A common misconception among indoor runners is that raising the treadmill incline level to 1% will mimic outdoor trail conditions. Unfortunately, this is only true if the runner is running at a 7:06 pace or higher for six miles. This information was gleamed from a study done by Andrew Jones who determined the 1% incline rate increasing running difficulty on a treadmill.

Unfortunately, most runners and especially beginners do not run at such a fast pace. Therefore, the incline would need to be raised higher to mimic outdoor conditions.

Other information Kerrigan has offered to runners is the reminder that the biomechanics of running do not change when running on a treadmill vs. running outdoors. Many avid runners do not believe that “real” runners run indoors, or that treadmill running changes leg movements.

She does caution runners against holding the sidebars while running in order to reduce impact. “You might think you can push down with your arms to unweight your legs, but it’s almost impossible to get the timing right,” she advises. Kerrigan also suggests runners favor simplicity when planning courses on a treadmill. The manual setting is sufficient for getting a proper cardio workout in, and she doesn’t bother with inclines as most often the treadmills overestimate runner speed.

Keeping this information in mind when planning a run can help a person get the most out of their work out on a treadmill, and have them ready to hit the trails once seasons clear up.

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