The New York Coin Foundation

Treasure Hunt for Bitcoin-Alternative NewYorkCoin Starts Today


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- The NewYorkCoin treasure hunt is on! 100 Million NewYorkCoin [NYC] are being offered for free to 100 lucky New Yorker's in April. The first 100 New Yorker's to snap a pic of a sticker (posted all around Manhattan) will each receive 1 Million NewYorkCoin at no cost to start using New York's "un-official" digital currency absolutely risk-free (hint: check Little Italy, SoHo and Greenwich Village!).

NewYorkCoin [NYC] is a Bitcoin alternative offering the built-in security advantage of faster transaction verifications. NewYorkCoin is geared toward New York City shoppers, businesses and visitors. The New York Coin Foundation has announced an aggressive marketing campaign to raise public awareness of the benefits of transacting with both Bitcoin and NewYorkCoin.

Will the built-in security advantage of faster transaction confirmations be enough to get New Yorker's to choose NewYorkCoin over Bitcoin? "A future with digital currencies appears inevitable. We are excited to offer New Yorker's the opportunity to receive 1,000,000 NewYorkCoin to try risk-free and spend as they wish." - The New York Coin Foundation

About NewYorkCoin
Recently launched on March 6, 2014, NewYorkCoin (NYC) is based on Litecoin source with very similar specs to Dogecoin. However, NewYorkCoin (NYC) offers faster transaction verifications than Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. It'll be very interesting to see how many New Yorker's choose to transact with NewYorkCoin over the larger, more entrenched Bitcoin digital currency.

To claim any NewYorkCoin bounty or learn more about New York's "un-official" digital currency, visit

Address for public/media contact:
The New York Coin Foundation
342 Broome St
New York, NY 10013
(800) 521-4535