Treating the Outside and the Inside with Beverly Hills Cosmetic Procedures

Anti aging treatment makes cosmetic surgery more effective says Beverly Hills surgeon


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- For some people, cosmetic surgery procedures are enough. For others, and one doctor in Beverly Hills, it's as important to treat the rest of the person at the same time.

Dr. Ryan Stanton, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, brings a two-fold treatment to his patients.

"The first thing is we have to decide what the person wants and how to achieve that. Not every person is the same and not every person wants or needs the same kind of procedure," Dr. Stanton said. "Then we decide what to do. This is where the two approaches come in."

The first is the surgical procedure. That's all a matter of reshaping the existing body into what the patient wants. With the recovery period, this is a fairly short term matter.

Second is a long term matter that changes the patient.

"Better nutrition and biodentical hormones when called for. What I try to help each patient see is a change in their outside can be reflected on the inside when they change their eating habits as well as improving their exercise life," he said.

Some surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, are not greatly affected by diet. Other procedures like tucks and lifts are greatly affected by what a person eats and how they live.

"Plastic surgery can provide quick results. It can provide lasting results. But some of the procedures I offer can be undone if you do not take care of yourself. If you come to have excess skin removed after a big weight loss, then you're going to have keep that healthy living up to not regain your weight and grow more skin," he said.

Dr. Stanton's website,, has a lot more information about plastic surgery and better nutrition in Beverly Hills.

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