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Trench Breakers Service Website Now Available to Customers


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2013 -- Before oil and gas companies begin construction, workers usually block off trenches with sandbags to prevent erosion. However, studies have shown that traditional sandbags are not strong enough to withstand permeation and can lead to premature erosion in trenches.

For the past five years, Oklahoma-based spray foam company Kool Foam LLC has dedicated itself to finding innovative ways to control erosion in workspaces. Kool Foam LLC, which works with homeowners as well as oil and gas companies, is best known for its high-quality polyurethane foam solutions. Polyurethane foam is commonly used as a trench breaker since it creates stronger barriers, making it an ideal alternative to sandbags.

Recently, Kool Foam LLC announced the creation of a new website, http://www.trenchbreakers.com/. TrenchBreakers.com is an informative website about the benefits of polyurethane foam.

According to TrenchBreakers.com, the benefits of Kool Foam LLC’s polyurethane foam trench breakers are numerous.

For instance, Kool Foam LLC’s product utilizes the latest in spray foam technology: it contains no CFCs, formaldehyde, or ozone depleting agents.

The spray foam also bonds to trenches more effectively, allowing the pipeline contractor to work without interruptions. Although Kool Foam LLC’s polyurethane foam takes only 24 hours to be cured, contractors can start backfilling trenches within one hour.

Additionally, polyurethane foam never breaks down over time, unlike sandbags. The product bonds to the trench, ensuring that it never shifts.

“Compared to the cost of having someone fill sandbags, transport them, and lay them in your trenches, foam trench breakers are a great value,” states an article by Kool Foam LLC.

Individuals interested in learning more about Kool Foam LLC’s polyurethane foam can visit the company’s website, http://www.koolfoamllc.com/. Kool Foam LLC permits users to request a bid online and requires only a name, email, phone number, and project description to get started.

About Kool Foam LLC
Kool Foam LLC is a spray foam insulation service located in Northwest Oklahoma. Since their opening day in 2008, the company has worked with homeowners and business owners interested in exploring polyurethane foam solutions. Kool Foam LLC is strategically located to service their clients’ pipeline needs from North Texas, all across Oklahoma, and Southern Kansas. Kool Foam LLC has multiple rigs that ensure their ability to deploy quickly to meet any customer’s needs, and the company carries all necessary insurance to ensure their clients’ safety. For more information, please visit http://www.trenchbreakers.com