Trenchless Solutions Inc.

Trenchless Solutions Inc. Offers No-Dig Pipelining Products, Equipment and Training


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2016 -- Located in Bristol, PA, Trenchless Solutions Inc. is now offering equipment rentals and on-site training for contractors, plumbers and excavators that are eager to use the most innovative methods of performing trenchless sewer pipeline rehabilitation services.

The CIPP experts at Trenchless Solutions Inc. encourage companies to "learn while they earn." These professionals began working as contractors and have been involved in the trenchless industry for over 30 years. Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s lining specialists have in-depth knowledge about all of their equipment and the overall installation process. Now, they are determined to pass along their skills and expertise to companies that are interested in familiarizing themselves with the equipment and strategies that are involved with installing residential and commercial pipelines without having to dig.

The passionate individuals at Trenchless Solutions Inc. strongly believe that it is imperative to work smarter--not harder. Instead of digging up and replacing pipelines when they are not correctly installed, deteriorated, corroded or infiltrated by roots and water, companies now have the advantage to address pipeline complications with more intelligent solutions. Live, on-site installation training can be arranged for any company in the United States. Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s inventory of lateral lining materials includes a large variety of incredibly flexible and protective lining products that are capable of negotiating ninety-degree bends. There is also a wide-range of CIPP resin products that dry quickly or allow for a significant amount of working time in hot summer months.

Main lining CIPP solutions include liners that are manufactured and pre-impregnated with styrene resin to the custom design requirements for each project. Either a single, or several layers of felt are used in the construction of each tube with the outermost coated in polypropylene which is butt-sewn to complete the extrusion as well as heat taped. Available point repair materials consist of layered and woven structural fiberglass products that serve as permanent barriers against water infiltration and exfiltration for sewage pipelines. CIPP Equipment rentals with operator include trailers that are stocked with an inversion tank, automatic variable speed roller table, quiet generator, air compressor, inverter and portable hot water boiler unit. Deep freezers are also included for resin storage throughout the warmer months.

Everything manufactured by Trenchless Solutions Inc. has a fifty-year design life. They guarantee a three-year warranty on materials as well as a one-year warranty on labor. Businesses are urged to allow these trenchless pipeline rehabilitation experts to provide them with products, rental equipment and training for noninvasive repairs. Visit Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s website or call 1-855-LINE-TSI to find out more information about how these experts can assist companies in obtaining the resources and training to enter into an evolving industry of trenchless solutions.

About Trenchless Solutions Inc.
For nearly thirty years, the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation experts at Trenchless Solutions Inc. have been using cutting-edge equipment to repair damaged pipelines. Now, they are determined to pass along their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise of their equipment and the installation process. A wide variety of lateral lining materials, main lining materials and point repair materials are available, as well as equipment and trailer rentals. Trenchless Solutions Inc. provides shop demonstrations and on-site training for companies that are determined to learn more about implementing noninvasive methods of pipeline rehabilitation.