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Trenchless Solutions Inc. Provides Onsite, No-Dig Pipeline Repair Training


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2016 -- Trenchless Solutions Inc. encourages local contractors, plumbers and excavators to request their shop demonstration and onsite training services relating to the procedures and methods involved with no-dig pipe-lining in Bristol, PA. The enthusiastic specialists are available to arrange live training sessions anywhere in the United States, and will provide all materials, equipment and manpower necessary to install a liner. Businesses specializing in pipeline repairs are urged to contact Trenchless Solutions Inc. to learn crucial information about the innovative equipment and methods that are used throughout the process of implementing a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

With upwards of thirty years of experience with no-dig pipeline rehabilitation methods, the experts are determined to pass down their valuable CIPP knowledge and techniques to motivated individuals. Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s professionals are committed to teaching other companies how to perform the cutting-edge and cost-effective procedures associated with no-dig pipeline repairs. Trenchless Solutions Inc. is proud to provide an operator along with their trenchless equipment rentals—which includes a trailer stocked with an inversion tank, automatic variable speed roller table, quiet generator, air compressor, inverter, portable hot water boiler unit, and a deep freezer intended for resin storage throughout the warmer months. A variety of lateral lining materials, main-lining materials, point repair materials, and CIPP resin is for sale at Trenchless Solutions Inc.

Passing along the company's advanced methods of curing wrongly installed, deteriorated, corroded, or infiltrated pipelines will enable contractors to install liners that are beyond their current offerings or while their equipment is out of service. In order to save time and money while curing pipelines, Trenchless Solutions Inc. recommends that municipalities use their own equipment in conjunction with the experts'. On the company's website, lateral lining materials, main-lining materials, and point repair materials are also available.

Other companies specializing in pipeline rehabilitation services are strongly urged to take advantage of Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s shop demonstration and onsite training services that relate to CIPP curing. Visit the company's website or call 1-855-LINE-TSI today to find out more information about the exceptional materials, equipment and services provided by Trenchless Solutions Inc.

About Trenchless Solutions Inc.
For nearly thirty years, the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation experts at Trenchless Solutions Inc. have been using cutting-edge equipment to repair damaged pipelines. Now, they are determined to pass along their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise of their equipment and the installation process. A wide variety of lateral lining materials, main-lining materials and point repair materials are available, as well as equipment and trailer rentals. Trenchless Solutions Inc. provides shop demonstrations and on-site training for companies that are determined to learn more about implementing noninvasive methods of pipeline rehabilitation.

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