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Trenchless Solutions, Inc.: The Preferred CIPP Experts


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2016 -- Trenchless Solutions, Inc. is currently offering trenchless equipment rentals and training to local contractors, plumbers and excavators. Using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) methods, companies will be able to cut costs, improve efficiency and eliminate the need to disturb the ground existing above major pipelines. To gain a competitive edge within their given industries, companies should take full advantage of the services provided by Trenchless Solutions, Inc. If companies fail to keep up with technological advancements, they will simply begin to fall behind.

Trenchless Solutions, Inc. also has many of different kinds of CIPP liners for sale on their website. Their inventory of lateral lining materials includes several different coatings, all varying in thicknesses. These are all designed to cure leaking seals, pinholes, gaps between pipes, and perforations. After many years, society's infrastructure has taken quite a beating; fortunately, the pipe repair experts have the knowledge and resources necessary to restore the structural integrity of important pipelines throughout the entire country.

Shop demonstrations can be scheduled at the company's 6,000 square-foot training and warehouse facility in Bristol, PA. Or, people can set up live on-site training anywhere in the United States. Trenchless Solutions, Inc. can provide all the materials, equipment and manpower necessary to install liners, so that teams can learn while they earn. As traditional pipe repair methods are now beginning to fade, companies shouldn't think twice about taking advantage of everything the professionals at Trenchless Solutions, Inc. can offer. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call 267-812-5855 today.

About Trenchless Solutions, Inc.
For nearly thirty years, the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation experts at Trenchless Solutions Inc. have been using cutting-edge equipment to repair damaged pipelines. Now, they are determined to pass along their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise of their equipment and the installation process. A wide variety of lateral lining materials, main-lining materials and point repair materials are available, as well as equipment and trailer rentals. Trenchless Solutions Inc. provides shop demonstrations and on-site training for companies that are determined to learn more about implementing noninvasive methods of pipeline rehabilitation.

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