Trend Sound Promoter and TS Music Catalog Paying Top Dollar for Indie Music


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- Trend Sound Promoter, an online advertising platform, has announced their TS Music Catalog service for indie music artists. TS Music Catalog is free to sign up for artists and provides a global music promotion and sales platform that pays more to artists than apple iTunes or other popular music platforms. TS Music Catalog utilizes a global network of thousands of promoters that actively market the music and help support sales. “With so much music available online these days, getting heard can be a challenge,” says TSP's founder Volodimyr Pigida, “With Trend Sound Promoter, artists on the TS Music Catalog Platform will have a virtual army of agents promoting their works, building fans globally and increasing sales.”

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-Registration and music placement is FREE for the artists
-Artists are able to set prices and keep 80% of profit
-Large selection of music for any taste

About TS Music Catalog
TS Music Catalog is a popular entertainment portal and an informational resource for musicians, artists, and people who love music. We provide a unique opportunity for any artist to share their work, find new listeners and keep fans informed about new songs, albums, tour schedules and upcoming concerts. With ability to reach millions of Internet users through our portal, musicians have a fantastic opportunity to expand their reach and become famous worldwide.