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Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- The Trend Wallet was born out of a need to slim down from a bulky wallet while still holding all the essentials, such as identification, cash, credit cards, etc. We wanted to accomplish this using the least amount of leather without compromising on style or quality. And that's exactly what we accomplished!

Remember when we were kids and we went through at least 20 wallets trying to find the right one? I saw my son go through this and questioned why? At the end, we all just give in and settle for what we are used to regardless of being uncomfortable. I am now 38 years old and it took me the past two years to figure out a more functional prototype. Let’s be honest here… we all don’t want to admit the importance of money and ID but it is a reality and we all have to carry something. My goal is always to carry the minimum without being compromised. There is a need (always will be) to be stylish when I pull out my wallet but also be protected. That is why I have put all my effort into making this wallet to feel this way.

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About The Trend Wallet
The Trend Wallet is the slimmest, sexiest, smartest wallet you'll ever own. It's lighter and thinner than your smartphone and fits perfectly into any pocket, including your front pocket. With 100% genuine leather, rope stitching and designer curves, the Trend Wallet doesn't sacrifice being stylish and grabbing attention every time you pull it out. The best part of this wallet isn't it's size or style, but it's function. Our patent pending design includes a frame, a sleeve, a pocket, a pouch, a holder, a grommet and a shield.

The frame holds your photo id, note cards or business cards. The sleeve holds your cash. The pocket holds your credit cards, reward cards, even a spare key. The pouch holds your business cards and receipts. The holder can carry a wallet pen, mechanical pencil or stylus. The grommet is great for attaching your Trend Wallet to your outfit, backpack or even your wrist. The shield is a RFID protection feature which helps prevent thieves from stealing your credit card information remotely. The best part is you can use the Trend Wallet however you'd like! You can decide which pockets and pouches hold what you need the most.

The Trend Wallet also includes complimentary gift packaging with a gift box, gift bow and tent card along with FREE U.S. shipping. We guarantee you'll absolutely LOVE your Trend Wallet or YOUR MONEY BACK! No questions asked.

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