Trender: A Revolutionary New App That Connects Businesses with Trendsetters


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2015 -- There's no denying that social networking is a big part of our lives. We all use social platforms to connect with friends and family around the world. It's a popular pastime. But, social networking is now a way to earn an income thanks to the new Trender app!

What is the Trender app?

Trender is a revolutionary new app that connects social media trend setters with businesses. Many people that use social media like to have their finger on the pulse and stay on trend. They will often share and discuss exciting new products and services with their followers.

Brands that offer products and services of interest want to connect with such users. They would like those people to spread the word about their brand and what they do. Trender offers the means to connect social media users with those businesses.

For social networkers, it's a brilliant way to earn some money doing what they love. And, for businesses, it's an exciting and effortless new marketing channel.

Trender for social network users

It's no secret that the Internet offers a wealth of ways to make money online. But there has never been a way to do so with ease using a mobile device - until now!

Trender connects users with brands they are most likely to have an interest in promoting. Most of us talk about products and services we love on social media. Now there's a way to get paid for doing that!

The process is simple. All one needs to do is download the Trender app to their device and connect their social media profiles on it. It's free to download the Trender app, and it's available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

One can then receive invites from businesses. There is also the opportunity to search for promotions and request an invite. Once an invite gets accepted, all one needs to do is select the "Trend It" button - the app does the rest. It's a simple and effortless way to earn some money using social networking.

Trender for businesses

All brands with an online presence recognise the power of social media. The trouble is; many firms find it hard to target the right audience.

Trender is a unique way of getting social media users to spread the message about a new product or service. When brands sign up to Trender, they can invite users according to their popularity.

Businesses can let Trender create the post for them, or they can craft the message themselves. Trender also makes it easy to manage campaigns - useful if there is a need for several promotions.

The brilliant thing about Trender is that all posts get created in a natural and organic way. Brands don't need to worry about spammy content or Google penalties.

About Trender
Trender is a unique new app that connects social network users with brands. It allows users to earn money promoting a brand or its products and services. And it enables businesses to reach targeted audiences on social media.

The Trender app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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