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Trestle Creek: Author's Hellish Childhood and Spiritual Ties Collide, as New Memoir Proves Things Exist That Even the Dead Fear…

Written by Christopher Louis LaPrath, based on his own compelling life story, ‘Trestle Creek: Things The Dead Fear’ will provoke deep emotion in each reader and radically expand their view of life. Telling the story of the author’s journey from childhood to manhood – caught between an earthly and spiritual realm – this bold memoir will scare yet uplift anyone searching for their higher purpose…


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Many claim to have had a tough upbringing and faced adversity in their early years. However, most don’t commit their experiences to paper as not having much money or seeing parents divorce is somewhat run-of-the-mill. However, Christopher Louis LaPrath’s childhood adversity involved a haunted house, demonic experiences and a father populated by the needy dead.

Everything is exposed in ‘Trestle Creek: Things The Dead Fear’, which tells the story of LaPrath reliving his childhood after a mysterious couple step in to help him face the past. Aside from being truly dark and scary, the life of the author is also being published to help readers expand their view on life and break down the boundaries of death that haunt even the living.

Chris LaPrath is a devout man whose life is unraveling. He is well respected in his church and by all appearances is a great family man but something is wrong within … and Chris knows he needs help. Through a chance meeting with a strange and mysterious couple, Chris begins to receive help, but … help in a way that is far from conventional. He is transported back in time, forced to look at his childhood surrounded by spirits; both from the angelic and demonic realm.

The period to which he is taken is 1962; the place; Northern Idaho, a secluded area called Trestle Creek. Edna, Chris’s Mother, thought moving the family out of Sand Point might solve their problems. It seems the family lived in perpetual fear… fear of what the neighbors might think, fear of saying something that would bring the wrath of hell down on them, fear for their lives.

Their problem was Owen, his father, and unfortunately Owen was driving the car that took them to their new home in Trestle Creek.

The house was unassuming at first look. Excited at the possibility of something new, the family quickly settled in with a burgeoning hope that everything would change ... including Owen.. Their collective dis-ease permeated the house as they held their breath waiting for Owens’s first tirade but the house beat him to it. The house is possessed with unbelievable terror.

Little does the family know that the foul smelling WWI Army uniform that keeps returning to the house and an ancient book of sorcery and alchemy, handed down for hundreds of years through Owen’s family, hold an entire new reality about to be revealed.

Will Chris remember the gifts bestowed upon him as a child or keep them eternally locked away? Will Edna and her family escape the living hell of Owen now populated by the needy dead?

“As I came of age, I was caught between my earthly and spiritual realms. Not many children can communicate with the dead and, as things in Trestle Creek haunted far more than my family, I became their mouthpiece,” says LaPrath. “This book is a front-row seat to things that even the dead fear.”

Continuing, “However, I’m not releasing the book for sympathy – but to help anyone seek out and fulfil their higher purpose. I want my audience to be overcome with emotion and be inspired to kick-start radical personal transformation. I’ve faced tough times, yes; but I can now share my story in the hope it helps others.”

To date, the book has garnered rave reviews. In July of 2012 the book won an HONORABLE MENTION at the HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL. Reviewers like JMas comments, “If you're looking for an exceedingly entertaining book with plenty of surprises then this is a great choice. If you're looking for a unique story highlighting the power of humans to shape their behavior and their own personal evolution then this is also a great choice for you.”

Stacee was equally as impressed, adding, “I don't ever write reviews, but felt compelled to express my love and fascination for this book! It's an amazing true story that took real courage to write. If you think your childhood was traumatic, you've never encountered what this author has experienced. The book is an enthralling journey of discovery, endurance, growth, and acceptance from start to finish.”

‘Trestle Creek: Things The Dead Fear’, published by InnerExpedition, LLC, is available now: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Christopher+Louis+LaPrath&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AChristopher+Louis+LaPrath

About Christopher LaPrath
Christopher LaPrath is a blessed man with an angelic gift of insight and intuition.

Choosing most of his early life to ignore his gifts, at 22, he was given a message loud and clear ... it was time to recognize and use these gifts and first begin his own healing. Chris had been diagnosed with Leukemia.

It was at this time Chris began to realize the connection that belief systems have a physical connection and so began his own inner expedition. In taking care of the physical body, he started to look at the thinking and perceptions about himself that could have formed the dis-ease.

As his thinking and life style changed so did the dis-ease. Today, his personal vibration level is off the charts.

Chris graduated top of his class and spent 20 years in the Missionary field in the United States and the Republic of China. He holds a degree in psychology and communications.