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Tri Med Training Institute Announces New Local Clinical Externship Sites

In addition, the company hired Andrew Windes, a new instructor, to serve more students, reports


Colton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2015 -- Tri Med Training Institute announces the addition of new local clinical externship sites for their phlebotomy training Los Angeles. One of the best phlebotomy schools in California, Tri Med Training Institute opened a new school in April, 2015 and continues to expand to meet the needs of students and businesses alike. In addition to adding local clinical externship sites, the school also hired a new instructor, Andrew Windes, to assist with the training of students.

"Many students from the Los Angeles area are searching for phlebotomy classes Southern California. In fact, many individuals taking part in a medical assistant program, new graduates and those who are already working in the field are looking to start a new career in phlebotomy. The course allows them to build their resume before entering a nursing or physician assistant program. As the waiting lists are long, schools continue to be very selective in who they allow to enter the program and competition is fierce. The addition of new sites will benefit students who wish to enter into a program of this type," Marcus R. Ortiz, Jr., spokesperson for Tri Med Training Institute, explains.

Tri Med Training Institute has entered a partnership with Quest Diagnostics, one that will benefit all parties, to provide experience for medical students entering the phlebotomy field.

"Quest Labs, one of the largest labs in the country, hires more phlebotomists than most companies in the industry. Working for this lab serves as a precious and rare opportunity for new graduates, and thanks to this partnership, students who successfully complete a Quest externship program have a better opportunity of being hired by this company. The partnership between Tri Med Training Institute and Quest Diagnostics hinges on how many outstanding candidates are produced through the program," Ortiz states.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, phlebotomists earned a median pay of $29,730 a year in 2012. The job outlook for this profession remains very positive and is expected to grow at 27 percent through 2022. This is much faster than average, when compared with all occupations,

"Anyone who loves to work with people may wish to consider a job as a phlebotomist. Individuals working in the field are typically employed in hospitals, blood donation centers, doctor's offices and medical and diagnostic labs. Landing a job with Quest Diagnostics is something many people aspire to. Our training program improves one's chances of doing so significantly," Ortiz declares.

About Tri Med Training Institute
A private, post secondary vocational school, Tri Med Training Institute remains approved by LFS and BPPE. The facility offers medical assistant and phlebotomy classes and provides job placement opportunities. As mandated in the contract with Quest Diagnostics, Tri Med Training Institute provides a clinical externship lab for students who successfully complete the didactic portion of the training program. Quest hand selects students to use this lab for training and, of those who do well, some will be offered a job in the phlebotomy department at Quest. Quest pulls students who have successfully completed the externship through Quest for work in their facilities.