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Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. Now Offering Mold Cleaning and Removal Services This March


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- With the amount of moisture and precipitation that has hit Philadelphia and surrounding areas this winter, many homes and buildings are experiencing water damage. Whether the water is entering the home through the basement, roof, or other areas where a leak is occurring, it can take some time before a homeowner realizes there is any damage. If the problem persists long enough, homes can become susceptible to mold growth, causing an unhealthy living environment. As a premier company for water damage restoration in Philadelphia, Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. is announcing their services for mold cleaning and removal this March.

As a licensed and insured business for accurate and prompt removal of mold damage to the interior of the home, customers can be confident their home will be restored as quickly as possible with help from Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. Certified by The Clean Trust, the professional technicians know the risks to living in an environment infested by mold, and they work diligently to leave their clients in complete satisfaction. They will have to contain the damaged area, and search all parts of the home to ensure it hasn’t spread to unknown areas.

When pipes freeze, they can crack and start to leak. As moisture enters the home and is left unmaintained, mold is a common occurrence. Often, it forms in areas that are unfrequented in the home, such as a corner of a basement or a utility closet. When in need of mold removal in Philadelphia, the trained technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to prevent the mold from spreading and containing the infected area. The areas will be properly cleaned and dried through the use of sump pumps, fans, and a microbial wash.

The professionals will wear the proper hazmat suits to prevent contact with the mold, having it removed in a safe and secure manner. To hear more about their services for mold removal, or to inquire about services for water damage to the home, please contact 1-855-288-0979 or visit their website today.

About Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc.
As a locally owned and operated company, Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. is proud to offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide an immediate response to any location and tackle any problem or issues that need to be addressed. They are experienced in removal of mold and will remove any water or debris that is still there, so no further damages are accrued. For any additional problem areas, Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. offers free estimates that homeowners need checked out.

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