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Two Experts Release Their Tria Hair Removal Reviews

With Summer closing in, two hair removal experts offer their thoughts on the home hair removal phenomenon which is currently dividing opinion - tria laser hair removal.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- Recently, the world of home hair removal has been shaken up by a revolutionary new device called Tria Laser Hair Removal. Packing technology much like the lasers used in professional (and expensive) hair removal clinics across the world into a compact, easy-to-use device, the Tria has brought permanent hair removal to the masses in an absolutely unprecedented way.

Recently, two hair removal experts released their own thoughts on the product in a couple of Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews.

Works As Advertised

"The primary concern with a device like this is whether or not the thing actually works," writes Tria user and hair removal expert Sandra Ellet. "The Tria is unlike almost any other hair removal laser on the market in that it actually does remove hair. If you use the product according to the instructions it ships with, you should expect to be permanently hair free within just 6-8 months. That's the official figure, but a lot of first hand Tria Hair Removal reviews say it works even faster than that."

To read Ellet's review in full, click here.

It's pretty common in advertising to be presented with photographic evidence of amazing results, along with a disclaimer saying "results not typical". The Tria doesn't need to do any of this deceptive sort of marketing, because the real results speak for themselves. They're actually so confident in their product that they're currently offering it with a 90-day guarantee, so you can confident it works before buying it. Try finding another product of this type that offers that level of satisfaction!

Easy As Pie

Because it has traditionally been done in salons and clinics, by trained professionals, people are sometimes intimidated by the very idea of home laser hair removal. "It's nothing at all to worry about," writes reviewer Charlie Cole. "You hold it against your skin for a fraction of a second, and then move it along. It's easy enough for absolutely anybody to do."

And Very Affordable, Too

"I don't know how the laser hair removal clinics are going to stay open," writes Cole, "The Tria packs similar tech and identical results into a package anybody can afford to bring home. This is cheaper than one appointment with a professional, so it pays for itself almost immediately. Now that my hair is gone I'm done paying for any kind of hair removal. Forever."

The deal only gets sweeter, as you can currently get a Tria shipped to you for half price using their convenient Easy Pay system. Shipping is free, and you also get the 90-day trial period to be absolutely positive you're satisfied.

You can get the Tria plus their additional bonuses over at the

Tria Beauty Official Website.

Even though the Tria has won multiple awards, including Allure's coveted Beauty Breakthrough Award, and has also been featured on shows like Rachel Ray, it's really the Tria Hair Removal reviews written by actual users that speak the loudest about the product. It's easy and affordable to find out why critics are raving about this incredible new product. If you're ready to find out more, the official Tria website is the best source of information, and the only place to get the full deal on the device.

For more information on the Tria you can read both Cole and Ellet's detailed reviews over at this tria laser hair removal reviews portal.