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Triangle Legacy Cleaning Company Amps Marketing Efforts


Washington, D.C. -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2020 -- Triangle Legacy, a professional cleaning and damage restoration service in Washington DC, is expanding its marketing efforts by partnering with a promotions agency.

Andrew Ross has worked in cleaning, restoration and remediation in the DC area for years. The work has taught him a few things about this business, one of which is to listen to his customers.

"We guarantee our work. If it is not right, we will make it right. So, I have to listen to my customers," he said. "One thing they keep telling me is how much they appreciate my work and how they tell other people about our services. That got me to thinking. Word of mouth is great for promoting a business, but it has a limited reach."

He started thinking about ways to tell even more people about the water and fire damage renovation services. Mold remediation and storm damage are also big problems in the DC area. So many people do not know where to turn for help with these disasters strike, he said.

Nobody likes to think about their property being hit by some kind of major problem. It does happen. It can be a one-home event like a fire or something catastrophic like a hurricane landfall," he said. "Whatever happens, you as a property owner or homeowner want to get back to your regular life as soon as possible. That's where we come in."

The cleanup services are available 24/7, another thing many people don't know or understand. Mr. Ross said a burst pipe in a house can't wait several days. It has to be repaired and the water cleaned up immediately.

"That's why I need to get the word out. If water sits for even 24 hours, black mold can start growing. Then, what was just water has turned into a major health hazard. People need to know about this," he said.

He sat down to decide what to do next. He realized he had two options:

1) Put his attention to marketing and away from his business.

2) Get some marketing help and keep his attention focused on his business.

"Holly Powell and her company Soaring Away come highly recommended by people in this business in other places around the nation. She understands what we do. She knows how to tell people about the services we have," he said. "Holly will handle the promotions. We'll handle getting property back to pre-disaster conditions."

For her part, Ms. Powell said she's delighted to work with a company with a reputation like Triangle Legacy.

"Andrew provides superior service each and every time. His clients tell me they never want another disaster, of course, but if it happens, they are definitely calling Andrew. That's the kind of company I enjoy helping," he said.

For more information about Triangle Legacy and its services, visit Triangle Legacy of Washington.

About Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning
Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning is a full-service carpet cleaning and restoration company that specializes in residential and commercial water damage restoration, mold remediation & removal, carpet & upholstery cleaning, as well as handyman services. The company is located in Potomac MD and serves the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Founded over two decades ago, Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning goes above and beyond superficial cleanliness.

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