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Tribos Coatings Launches Marine Protection in Southeast Asia


Poole, Dorset -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- TRIBOS, the leading international supplier of protective paint coatings for the automotive, marine and aviation market has now gained a strong foothold in the Southeast Asia. TRIBOS have successfully introduced their protective coating treatments to many of the leading manufactures and dealerships throughout Southeast Asia.

Tribos marine paint protection delivers a reflective shine that provides total protection against UV, acid rain, oil, exhaust fumes, fuel spills, salt and bird lime. Tribos marine paint protection is a polymer designed specifically for painted surfaces. It acts like a protective coating that ensures a water and oil-repellent surface that ‘locks out’ damaging water and salt and is very easy to clean. Their protective paint contains UV protectors which absorb the energy of the UV light and re-emit that energy as harmless heat.

They also provide paint protection for cars. The paint can be mixed with the silicone polymer layer, so the entire Tribos car protection coating becomes strongly anchored to the painted surface, ensuring genuine longevity. Silicone waxes are included in the formulation to fill minor surface scratches or cavities and prevent water entering or staying on the surface of the painted coating. Their paint protection provide dual features of water repellency and UV protection that results keeps the finish to remain glossy for significantly longer periods of time.

Tribos auto paint protection application is normally a two-stage process on new or undamaged car surfaces, or it may require three-stages if serious preparation work are required. The first step includes the removal of existing surface finishes and treatments and the usual array of scratches, marks and unsightly results of general weathering. Then a zero swirl product is applied, similar to those used for polishing precious metals, for an ultra-smooth clean surface. Finally curing is done over a 2-24 hour period, during this time all the individual polymers cross-link together and anchor themselves to the surface. The price of their marine paint protection varies according to size, type and condition of the yacht.

Tribos Coatings provide the world’s most durable paint, gelcoat and glass protective coatings for the marine, automotive and aviation industries. Their products not only leave the surface with a better than new shine and finish, they also extend the life the treated surface and provide protection against UV, salt, acid rain, exhaust fumes & bird lime. With a range of scientifically researched and proven Marine surface protective coatings Tribos now offers total unrivalled protection, ”preserving perfection“ for the entire yacht. To learn more visit