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Trick Photography and Special Effects - Evan Sharboneau Teaches Trick Photography


Smallingerland, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Evan Sharboneau is the producer of the Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book. Evan has many years of experience in creating Trick Photographs And Special Effects for himself and others. In order to share the techniques he uses with other people, Evan Sharboneau made the "Trick photography and special effects e-book". Because of this videoribbon has tested his e-book and brings a comprehensive review.

The Trick photography and special effects e-book Review on videoribbon shows that this course is a great help for those who want to take there photographic skills to a higher level, which is useful for both newbie and experienced image creators.The program is divided in three parts; 1,Light Painting and Long Exposures, 2,Trick Photography and Special Effects and part 3,Photoshop Projects. The photoshop project part is a bit different than the others because it uses Adobe photoshop.

Phil Lameau from videoribbon reveals that: "A course like this provides photographers with fancy tools to amaze their public with stunning pictures.The course provides 295 pages with instructions, 9 hours of how-to video tutorials, plus 300 "tricky" photographs that are created by the worlds best photographic artists.

With this course people can skip months and years of there learning curve, therefore it can be a great timesaver. They'll be an accomplished photographer overnight".

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