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TrickPhotographyAndSpecialEffects.Me Gains Attention for Helping Amateur Photographers Achieve Stunning Photographic Effects


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Digital cameras and photo sharing on the Internet has made photography even more popular than ever before. Advances in technology have let consumers buy extremely powerful digital cameras for a comparatively low cost. However most people who use their camera for simple snapshots or basic amateur photography are unaware of the incredible photographs that their camera has the power to produce. Trick photography and special effects are within the grasp of most photographers today, if they know the correct techniques.

One trick photography related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is TrickPhotographyandSpecialEffects.Me. This website sells an ebook called “Trick Photography and Special Effects” which is full of incredible trick photography techniques which can be used by amateurs to create incredible photographs with just a simple digital camera. This ebook has quickly gathered an enthusiastic following and a substantial reputation for clear, practical and straightforward photography advice.

“Trick Photography And Special Effects” contains advice about how to get the most out of a digital camera, how to use common household equipment to create an effect, and how to get professional results without using photo manipulation software like Adobe Photoshop.

The website contains a huge amount of information about the book, including a comprehensive description of the contents. There is also a helpful FAQ section for any visitors who have additional questions. Of course the book can be purchased directly on the website, and because it is an ebook access is immediate.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Photography is usually seen as a very expensive hobby. After all, there is so much photographic equipment out there to buy, and much of it costs a small fortune. However the real key to taking incredible photographs isn’t fancy equipment, it’s expertise. This is especially true now when even fairly basic digital cameras have a plethora of powerful features. “Trick Photography and Special Effects” is a book that contains a huge amount of practical photographic advice to help amateur photographers achieve incredible effects with the minimum of equipment. The techniques in the book can be often be carried out with even a very cheap camera, and require no special software like Adobe Photoshop. All of the effects are carried out in camera.”

About is a website that sells an ebook called “Trick Photography and Special Effects”. The book is full of information that allows amateur photographers to achieve remarkable in camera photographic effects with the minimum of equipment.

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